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HR Pro™ is the people focused solutions division of Prajwal Business Private Limited, a professional services company, which aims to “enable growth” by supporting CEOs/Entrepreneurs in various initiatives that drive business growth. HR Pro™’s main aim is to provide solutions in people management to SMEs and Growth companies through our integrated service offerings.

Our value proposition is to provide practical, need based solutions in people related areas from an integrated perspective.

In the new world of work starting a company has become less cumbersome than before, however, effective managing it is quite an arduous task. Human resources are the most important assets for a company and their effective recruitment and management is crucial for its success.
Companies operating today are having to cope with not only resources that are increasingly spread across different geographies and generations, each with different set of values & motivators but also the fast changing business scenarios. As a result of these changes, companies end up facing talent shortage, right fitment of candidates, changes in work ethic, sterner timelines, rising manpower cost and attrition to mention only a few.
Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) find these problems very challenging, while there is no exception to the larger ones, thus entrusting people management to external consultants specializing in that area.
HRPRo™, has been founded with the idea of providing integrated people solutions by a team of professionals.

Objectives of HRPro™
In order to help organizations plan and execute strategic and routine operational activities in a structured manner and align HR with its strategic business goals, having competent resources working in well-defined processes, systems and policies are highly essential. HRPro™ is incorporated with this objective of providing strategic and operational HR support SMEs by ‘developing people’.
The objectives of HR Pro are:
• Developing an understanding and fulfilling the people requirements of SMEs and growth companies
• Helping companies establish more systematic and orderly work environment to build efficiency at work place
• Developing competencies of individuals to improve productivity and efficiency

HR Pro’s solutions
Our solutions are aimed at SMEs and Management professionals.
Our solutions for SMEs include HR Services, Training and developmental programs for skill enhancement and recruitment support.

Our solutions for management professionals are classified into Training and Internships and Placement cum Training programs for fresh job seekers.

Benefits from HRPro™
Association with HRPro™ helps companies to benefit from
o Years of collective experience between the principal consultants, functional specialist and team members
o Integrated service offerings
o Practical, need based solutions

Association with HRPro™ helps aspiring professionals to make use of
o Vast experience of trainers with rich industry experience
o Relevant course content based on industry requisites and demand
o Practical case studies from companies and live examples
o Hands –on projects to implement concepts learned

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