How do finishing school programs help students and colleges?

A finishing school program bridges the gap between fresh graduates and corporate fraternity. The program intends to help student graduates become aware of the practical tools and techniques that are required to make it to the corporate world. It aims at helping students to adapt to the company’s culture, understand the expectations of corporates and display their skills with ease. A finishing school program also pays immense attention to grooming, personality, behavioral and soft skills that a student needs to adopt in order to exhibit his/her strengths and caliber, during an interview, thus increasing employment potential of trainee students. However, many colleges offering higher education of late have shied away from this concept due to lack of awareness and other reasons. I would like to discuss how finishing school programs help students and colleges.

Finishing school programs help students by:

1) Providing practical exposure: Students passing out from professional courses like Engineering, Business Management will gain immense experience in obtaining practical exposure and experience to likely jobs that they will be expected to handle after completion.

2) Balancing theory and application: Finishing school programs help students develop a balance between theoretical knowledge gained during the entire course work and its application in a typical job set up.

3) Providing in depth knowledge of concepts: Obtaining experiential learning through internships helps candidates in gaining deeper understanding of the concepts learned during the course work. This helps in developing a student’s learning ability thus, helping to learn other concepts easily.

4) Increasing employment potential: Companies of late have started seeking candidates from the word-go than compared to those who need initial training. Hence, companies, especially the larger ones, prefer students with a finishing school program to those without one.

5) Offering better position and higher remuneration: Companies will be willing to seek candidates who could display better experience and exposure during an interview on a relatively superior level up the organizational hierarchy. They also will be willing pay a higher remuneration to them compared to those who do not fare well during the interview. Finishing school programs help students fare better during an interview, giving them higher chances of success in obtaining better position and higher remuneration.

Colleges that find it difficult to provide finishing school programs at their own campuses for various reasons could do so by outsourcing them to a third party. These schools/agencies have all the required paraphernalia to fulfill the requirements of a finishing school.

Finishing school programs help students and colleges, both in many ways.

Colleges that offer finishing school coursework after the end of academic curriculum will benefit by helping their students gain practical exposure, in-depth subject matter expertise and seek better employment opportunities. Companies perceive such colleges/institutes as premier institutes and thus desire to seek more students through frequent college campus visits and exclusive opportunities. Students will be able to gain better value for their degrees earned from such colleges. All these will certainly build brand of colleges and enable them to earn them better monetary rewards apart from name and fame.

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About the author: Ms Uma Bhanu Kondury is a Senior Consultant at Prajwal Business Services Private Limited.

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