Job Interview Tips for Fresh Graduates

Recently, while hiring for our internal requirement and our client talent needs for ‘Sales and Marketing’ and ‘Market Research’ positions, I was interviewing a lot of candidates aspiring to secure jobs in these areas. During the interviews, I met some fresh graduates who were not competent enough for the positions we were trying to fill in. Besides, I came across a handful of professionals, who were not only technically unsound, but also lacked the basic skills in dealing with a professional interview setup. It is a well known fact that succeeding in an interview is not easy, yet it is not rocket science either. Through this post, I would like to provide some job interview tips for fresh graduates.

Since a lot of articles are already available which describe the importance of formal dress code, grooming, body language, posture, firm handshake, good mannerisms etc., I would emphasise on the ‘do’s and ‘don’ts to succeed in an interview.
 Check for the position for which you are being interviewed.
 Carry an updated hard copy of your CV, though you have already submitted it earlier.
 Carry out a basic research to know key details of the company.
 Be proactive in trying to understand the role requirements and link your previous experience to the current position.
 Seek clarifications wherever required.
 Be genuine and provide only truthful and factually correct information as background checks are considered seriously by most organizations today.
 Express your enthusiasm regarding the interesting aspects of working in your chosen field and the company being interviewed for.

× As a rule, attend any interviews for positions in which you are not interested.
× be late for any interview, if you get stuck or held up anywhere due to some reason, always call up the concerned person and inform them about your late arrival.
× assure the HR about your arrival for an interview if you intend to make a ‘no-show’ or dropout. It reflects poorly on your trustworthiness.
× show your lack of interest in the position you are interviewed for.
× in any interview, make statements which imply that you are only attending the interview to gain some interview experience
× mention to the interviewer that you are considering other offers in your other areas of interest. The recruiter will easily make out if you are lying, in case it is a fact, there will be serious concerns regarding your career aspirations and long-term career goals.
More importantly, never make false statements about the company for which you are interviewed without conducting any prior research. This could include: legal name of the company, organization’s size, and scale of its operations, turnover, services being provided, customers catering to, and salary offered etc.
Following the above thumb rule job interview tips for fresh graduates will certainly help you avoid some of the fallouts such as being called an ‘unworthy’ candidate. These job interview tips for fresh graduates will also aid in presenting one in a better manner to the organization thus help succeed in an interview and secure a job.

- Uma Bhanu Kondury
Senior Consultant, Prajwal Business Services Pvt. Ltd.,

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